TED Talk Tuesday 8th January 2013

I’m moving the TED talk Tuesday feature that has been running on our Facebook page to the main site, starting today.

It’s a simple idea, every Tuesday I’ll post a TED talk that you can watch at your leisure. Sometimes it will be a talk that has been very recently added and on other occasions it will be a talk that was made further back in time.

You may already have seen a clip previously and if that’s the case I invite you to watch it again to see your thoughts from today’s perspective 🙂

You’ll notice that some talks will be obviously directly related to personal development and how you use coaching. On other occasions they will be talks that are more abstract, they’ll be here to prompt new thoughts by coming at something from a different direction – or just because they struck me as interesting/ funny etc 😉

For those moments when time seems to be a limited resource I’ll include the length of each clip below the video so you can determine precisely how long you’ll need to watch the clip uninterrupted!

To mark the first clip on the site I’ve selected “an oldie but a goodie” filmed in 2001. “John Wooden: the difference between winning and succeeding”

Clip length: 17 mins 40 seconds

Prefer to watch on TED.com? In that case you’ll need to click here.

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