Step Up As A Coach By Leveraging Your Weaknesses 1

Mindset strategist Frederique Murphy returns in today’s guest post to share some thoughts around a common belief many coaches have:

Step Up As A Coach By Leveraging Your Weaknesses

By Frederique Murphy

"Step Up As A Coach By Leveraging Your Weaknesses" By Frederique Murphy

As a coach, working with other coaches and professionals in the service industry, such as consultants, speakers, trainers, and also corporate executives, I hear, and coach clients on this one belief that comes up again and again: “I must be perfect in order to help others.”

Can you relate?

I know that this is something that I once believed, and still from time to time, I’m reminded of it, usually when I am about to step up to a higher level.

Before we continue, let’s be clear on a few things:

  • this belief is not true,
  • this belief is what we call a “limiting belief”, as in holding onto it limits you, your capabilities, and your overall success, and
  • believing this is not abnormal: you are not the only one, who has ever believed in this.

I’d even go so far as to say that believing in this belief shows what type of coach you are, and that it is a rite of passage, and one that you can let go of when you are ready to step up. You see, when you believe in this, I see that you care, and you care for your clients, wanting to serve them to the best of your abilities. And, what I want to show you is that by tweaking that belief, you will care even more, and you will serve your clients even more.

Here is what we are going to do: we are going to imagine that you are perfect, and see how it is working for you.

As a perfect coach, when a client needs you, you can draw on your expertise to coach them. You know what technique will work, which pattern to use, what tool to leverage. And, yes, it will probably work.

But, I have a question for you: What makes your approach any different from any other perfect coach out there, who more than likely would pick the same technique, the same pattern, the same tool?
The answer is nothing.

So, how do YOU stand out?

You stand out thanks to your imperfections.

Let me explain…
Your imperfection makes you you; it enables you to connect at a deeper level with your clients. You see, what you once saw as weaknesses – for instance, when you failed at something, or tried to do something many times before you finally succeeded, actually is called experience.

And, experience makes you stand out.

There is nothing short of beautiful that happens when you combine both your expertise and your experience.

Because as a coach, when something happens to you, you, more than anyone else out there, learn from it, and will find a way to leverage this experience to work for you.

So that, when you are coaching this client, and he or she has this specific issue that you actually had too as you experienced that challenge too, yes, you will know, what technique will work, which pattern to use, what tool to leverage, AND you will be able to add your personal experience, because you’ve been there. In that instant, the connection with your client becomes stronger, and the coaching smoother and more impactful.

What you once saw as weaknesses can now be seen as strengths.

Strengths that will help you stand out and step up as a coach.

What do you think? What weaknesses of yours can you transform into wonderful strengths to assist you in your coaching? I’d love for you to share; this will be helpful for the other coaches. Comment below (and, you’ll see I’ve commented first, sharing some of my personal weaknesses)!

About Frederique Murphy

Frederique MurphyFrederique Murphy is a mindset strategist, who specialises in the areas of Inspirational Strategy, Leadership, Communication, Change, Impact, and Achievement. Thanks to her Mountain Moving Mindset platform, Frederique provides individuals, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs with a wealth of mindset resources to help them strategise with vision, design with clarity, act with focus, and lead with momentum.

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One thought on “Step Up As A Coach By Leveraging Your Weaknesses

  • Frederique Murphy

    As promised, here is one of my “weaknesses” leveraged as a strength when coaching.

    I failed at my first driving test; my driving was not the problem, my nerves were, and got the better of me. This experience has helped me to date so many times, as it taught me in a very impactful way how important our states and moods are, and even more importantly, how we can easily learn how to manage these to support us with our goals. Having failed at it at first, also gives me the real know-how when it comes to know how it feels to feel like a failure, and how to learn how to let go, reframe, push through, and do it again. That lesson in itself is priceless.

    I am not perfect, and I am not a perfect coach, I am a human coach, and will not hesitate to draw onto my past failures if I feel it is going to make me connect even more with one of my clients, and make one of my coaching points even more impactful.

    What about you? Which one(s) of your weaknesses can you leverage for your coaching?