Recapping the Facebook Monday Invite (from 26th August 2013)

share your posts

Each Monday on this blogs Facebook page I issue the following question and invitation:

“Have you written/seen a blog post in the past week that you’d think is of interest to coaches and that you’d like to share?”

At the end of each week I will be posting a recap of a selection of the links shared that Monday on our Facebook page.

As normal this week coaches from different parts of the world, with different areas of expertise and specialisms, took the time to share.

Posts shared on Monday 26th August 2013:

These are a few posts that also attracted my attention either personally or because of readers requests to read more on a particular subject…

Bonus posts:

Want your post included next week?

If you have a post that you think will be of interest to coaches do take part in tomorrow’s Monday invite and leave the details on our Facebook page.

Whilst it’s lovely for posts to be sent to me via twitter, the nature of a tweet means that it can easily be overlooked when this post is being compiled at a later time. Please leave links in one place, ie the thread on our Facebook page so they can be easily shared.

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