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I’m always happy to hear from new potential guest posters. Below you’ll find some details about how the Friday guest post feature.

Have a read and if it fits with what you are looking for use the form below to drop me an email.

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What would you actually be committing to?

  1. Providing a suitable guest post via email by the Wednesday date and time agreed (UK time)
  2. Providing a bio to be included on your guest post, again by the date agreed.


Some information to answer FAQ’s


I am very flexible about the topic of the Friday guest posts – I just ask that it is something that you think will be of interest to the blogs readers – coaches (See below for more detailed  information)

I’ll also mention at this stage I don’t impose any word limit, I allow my posters as many words (or few) that you feel you need to say what you want.

One of the most common edits we often end up making is to look at the length of paragraphs, particularly those at the start of the post.

This is not usually because there is anything grammatically wrong – we do it just because most people find shorter paragraphs easier to read when using a computer/mobile phone screen compared to a blank piece of paper.

Some general information about the blogs readers

Readers come from a range of different coaching areas, attracting those who specialise in business, personal and various sports.
Geographically readers are located from all over the world with the UK and North America consistently being the two most common countries bringing visitors.

Readers have a range of coaching experience from those who are just learning to those with many years of practice. Some are using coaching in their employment and many others either have their own coaching business or are aiming to become self employed – normally as a solo-entrepreneur.


The Friday guest post is posted on a Friday (normally around 6.30am UK time). So I ask that guest posters send me over their copy by noon Wednesday (UK time). This allows plenty of time to make any tweaks you want and generally schedule the post to go live.

If there is a particular Friday you’d prefer a post to run because it helps to promote an event you are running, etc I’ll do my best to accommodate that request. In the event I have two people wanting the same date I think the fairest thing to do is schedule them on a first come first served basis. 🙂 If that does happen I will make sure that I’ll communicate this with you and offer alternative available Fridays.

Very occasionally something will get in the way of a guest poster providing their guest post on their committed to date. In this instant it will be anyone who has already sent me their guest post early who will get first refusal at their post running at the earlier date. It is a rare occurrence (normally due to a technological breakdown!) but if you do ideally want your post to run earlier it is worth sending it over sooner rather than later.


At the end of each guest post you may have noticed an “About the author” heading, this is where we put your bio. I think this gives the reader the opportunity to find out more about you and your background. I also like it to include ways (i.e. a link(s)) so that anyone who wants to find out about your work etc can easily find out more.

Please note that any site you want to link to that I consider not suitable will not be included. In reality what this means is that:

  • The link must be relevant and useful to an interested reader
  • The link must be working and not broken.
  • It’s also a way to prevent backlinks from sites that may damage the blogs reputation in the readers eyes. (The most common reason for this would be if your site prompts a warning from virus software.)

Both these reasons will potential also cause links to be removed after a post has been published.

I have noticed an increasing trend with guest posts that it is social media links that generate the most clicks. I don’t limit the number of links in a bio (within reason!) so if you want to include social media links as well, feel free.


I will happily include photo’s/images with either your post and/or your bio. I do ask that you check out the copyright situation first.

What if you’re not a coach or someone who works directly with coaches?

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be a guest poster I just ask that we have a quick conversation first about what you’d like to write a post about. This is there to save us both time in the long run without the need for any major rewrites because the post is not “pitched” at the right level for my readers.

Even if you are a “professional writer” I still ask that the post is suitable for my readers – the most common reason I reject posts is because the author has shown no understanding of the blogs audience and skipped talking to me about what they’d like to write about.


If you are on twitter and you let me know your username then I can include that in any promo about your post as well as Follow Friday (#FF) messages.

Still want to be a guest poster?

Drop me an email using the form below.

If there is a specific Friday you’d like to write for, then by all means mention that date at this stage.

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