Coaching and Wisdom

In this weeks guest post experienced coach and trainer Liz Scott shares some of her personal experience about her journey as a coach.

Coaching and Wisdom

By Liz Scott

A guest post by Liz Scott

The other day a client sat beside me telling me he was stressed. He relayed stories of pressurised work, poor relationships and a tricky childhood. He had a myriad of thoughts, fears and worries and his life was at breaking point. In no uncertain terms he told me he wanted to be ‘fixed’. It was a compelling story and his impatience was palpable. He wanted some tools and strategies to find a quick solution.

The trouble is I don’t work like that any more. Although I have completed hundreds of hours of training and have a myriad of tools, techniques and theories; they are rarely used. Instead I draw on my understanding of something called the Three Principles.

The Three Principles has had a profound influence on my life (I feel more peaceful and relaxed) and I’m starting to share this understanding with my clients. It simplifies my coaching and helps me to focus on inner wisdom.

During this session with my client I noticed a deep feeling of love and compassion and I just kept bringing him back to recognising his own internal wisdom and spirit. Did he skip off into the sunset fired with enthusiasm? No he didn’t. Was this session a success? Yes it was.

The most useful thing we can tell our clients is about the nature of being human; the Three Principles provides the building blocks of understanding. When clients get a glimpse of this they start the most fulfilling journey possible. When they stop trying to fix their thoughts and circumstances they can taste real freedom.

The Three Principles points to the three components of our human experience. These are:

  • Thoughts: We all have thoughts and when we believe our thoughts that is our reality
  • Consciousness: We are all able to bring our world alive. We have the ability to experience an emotional and physical world
  • Mind: There is a spiritual/universal force that is behind life

When you view the Three Principles as a list you probably feel underwhelmed! When you start to experience them at work in your life it feels enriching.

I am still new as a 3P coach and my style may not be slick or clever, but it is authentic. When I get a sense of my spiritual wisdom I am able to share and respond from a grounded and loving space.

Liz Scott and Husband with Labradoodle Buzz

My new journey

If you’d like to learn more about the 3Ps then follow me on my journey (both metaphysical and real).Over the summer my husband and I are cycling from Devon to London and back (with our Labradoodle Buzz) to talk to authors and facilitators of the Three Principles. If you would like to learn more as we learn more then follow this link


About Liz Scott

Liz Scott Coaching and TrainingLiz Scott is a leadership coach and coaching skills trainer. She works extensively in schools helping to develop coaching cultures. Liz and her husband Stu run their business and they also the leaders of a supportive network for coaches