Stuff Happens!

In this week’s guest post Marie Yates, The Survivor’s Coach, invites you to consider…

"Stuff Happens!" A guest post by Marie Yates

Stuff Happens!

By Marie Yates

Essentially, you’re born and stuff happens. Some good stuff and some not so good stuff. There’s a high chance I’m over simplifying but this is the stuff that happens ‘to’ you, the stuff you’re handed. There’s no rhyme or reason, it just is what it is. There can be a tendency to dwell on the not so good stuff though can’t there?!

What about the rest of the ‘stuff’?! In the spirit of over simplification let’s make a list of the good stuff versus the not so good stuff in the average day. I’m not necessarily talking about major life events as these don’t happen every day – not to me anyway! Yet, how often does a major life event take over our thinking?

So, the list… Here’s mine so far today – it’s still early!

Good Stuff:

  • My current favourite song came on the radio (P!NK’s ‘Give Me A Reason’- I’m sure you were curious?!)
  • The sun was shining for my morning walk with the dogs
  • I had a text from a friend that made me laugh
  • I had a delivery from Wiggle (this is an online sports shop… best thing about it is that they send tiny packets of haribo with each parcel… simple things!)

Not So Good Stuff:

  • A very early morning wakeup call from one of the dogs who heard a car door shut 3 miles away. This resulted in a 4am bark-a-thon at full volume.

Without even trying I’m up 4:1 on the good stuff! Not bad hey? I grant you that these are hardly life changing events but they are all things that have ‘happened’ today. If I had rolled out of bed & only concentrated on the fact that ‘bad stuff always happens’ and to prove this I had been woken up at silly o’clock then I can guarantee that a grumpy day would have ensued. I’d have ignored my favourite song, been annoyed on the walk, found the text a little irritating and complained that there weren’t any fried eggs in the packet of haribo! What a waste of a day that would have been!

Even on the days where the not so good stuff is at the forefront of your thinking. Ask yourself ‘What Am I Choosing To Focus On Right Now?’ Keep it simple and allow yourself to enjoy the little things! Open your eyes to the good stuff and I guarantee that more will come your way!

About the Author

Marie Yates, ‘The Survivor’s Coach’, is the founder of Indigo Turtle.

Taking the experience of rape and sexual violence and using it to create a catalyst for positive change is something that seemed impossible. Marie has shown that it is not only possible; it is changing the way that survivors see themselves and the way that survivors are seen by others.

Through a variety of ways, Marie looks at what it means to be a ‘survivor’ and then takes it to the next level. Looking to the future and exploring what can be achieved gives a renewed enthusiasm for achieving success as defined by YOU!

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