Affiliate invitations

It’s not uncommon for requests to be made to share details about a new event, product etc. The decision process about what I agree to share both here on the blog and on twitter is pretty simple – is it something I think will be valuable and interesting to some readers?

affiliate - sharing resources of value

Working with affiliates that provide solutions and value to coaches

If you are interested in featuring an event, teleclass, book launch, product etc here on this site then please read the following and fill in the form below.

Things to consider:

When choosing what I say yes to I’m mindful that there are many different coaching niches, approaches and levels of experience covered by readers of this blog. You know your product/service etc best so it would really help if you could include your thoughts on who you think would be drawn to it. For example a specific coaching niche, those starting out in business, coaches with a certain level of training in a specific approach etc.

I know that often people have an affiliate system all set up that has pre-prepared social media messages etc all ready to be used. I’m quite happy to use that if you have that in place as I feel it best reflects your “voice” and therefore will best attract those who’ll enjoy your event/product etc the most.

It’s only fair at this stage I also mention that some dates may not be available due to other scheduling commitments. Do make sure it’s clear in your answer if there is flexibility in the dates you are looking for.

Enter your details below and then click submit. At this stage the clearer your answers are the quicker we can set up sharing those that are a great fit.
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