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Want more (and more) clients? 5 essential lessons for successful coaches

In this weeks guest post Susan Tomlinson shares some of her knowledge and experience.

Want more (and more) clients?

5 essential lessons for successful coaches

By Susan Tomlinson

"Want more (and more) clients? 5 essential lessons (or secrets) for successful coaches" by Susan Tomlinson

Twelve years’ ago when I escaped corporate life, and started my journey as a solo entrepreneur, coaching was a relatively new profession.  At that stage I didn’t even know whether anyone would hire me!

Fortunately individuals and organisations quickly embraced the value of coaching and readily signed up coaches, who could provide skilful challenge and support, to help them make changes in their work and life.

Today the coaching profession has exploded with many more people eager to embrace a career and lifestyle which offers not only an escape from the normal office routine but also a way to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

And for many of us it’s been an exciting and life changing opportunity.

However, with growth comes greater competition!

From what I’ve learned along the way to truly succeed as a coach today you must…

Be true to you.  We are naturally drawn to people who are genuine and authentic.   Living and sharing your own experiences, interests and values will build trust and attract more ideal clients

Be clear, confident and consistent.  You will be more memorable when you share a simple message about what you do, who you help and what outcomes your clients can expect.  As people have many more options to choose from they tend to act on the specific rather than the general.

Reach a wider audience and serve more clients.  Technology has enabled us to go global in our coaching practices and has opened up many more opportunities to work internationally. Experiment with different ways you can increase your visibility and engage people throughout the world, with creative, innovative and stylish marketing campaigns.

Be special.  How is your service different or unique compared with other coaching businesses? Perhaps for example you have developed your own system through your own hard won experience or you show others how to access their inner wisdom to build 6 figure businesses.

Capture attention.  The attention span of our audiences is getting ever shorter!  With dozens of things distracting us throughout the day the challenge for all of us is to grab and sustain attention.  Some of the ways you can achieve this is through the use of visual imagery, engaging emotions and establishing credibility

Ultimately, as a service based profession coaching is all about creating connections and developing relationships.  When you are in alignment with who you are, what you do and how you communicate with your audience then you’ll naturally attract more and more clients.

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About Susan Tomlinson

Susan Tomlinson, Business Coach and Mentor, is founder of Real Coaching Solutions a company dedicated to helping coaches, consultants and solo entrepreneurs attract more clients, make more money and build a business they love. To get your free ‘Boost Your Business Success’ report and to receive her ‘Highlights on Business Success’ newsletter visit www.realcoachingsolutions.co.uk

For many years Susan held senior roles in well known international businesses and industry sectors. It gave her a fascinating insight into how businesses work, as she was often involved in start up ventures.

Eventually, always being an entrepreneur at heart and feeling restless, she took the leap and set up her own coaching and consulting business winning large contracts and working with top names.

Even with all her previous experience Susan soon realised the challenges of being a solo entrepreneur, so early on she made the decision to make a significant investment of her time and money in hiring her own mentors and learning everything she could about marketing, sales and mindset to consistently grow her own business and continue to create the lifestyle of her choice.

Having coached and taught hundreds of people in business Susan now shares her hands on, real life experience and knowledge with other coaches, consultants and solo entrepreneurs, who know that the quickest route to success is working with a trusted business coach and mentor.

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