Finish It Up Friday:

When you set up your own coaching business and become “your own boss” there’s lots of ways you can organise your time and business. In today’s guest post coach Jaynine Howard shares one aspect of how she organises one day a week …

Finish It Up Friday:

Why I Don’t Require My Team to Work on Friday

By Jaynine Howard

Finish It Up Friday By Jaynine Howard

Friday – oh how that word can invoke a series of fleeting emotions ranging from dread to delight.

I have coined the phrase Finish It Up Friday as a way to make a mindset shift from dread to delight. It is the day to sleep in an extra hour. It is the day to enjoy that first cup of morning coffee knowing there are no real deadlines for the day. There is no better way to start a Friday than listening to the birds chirping, reading morning inspiration, and enjoying that first cup of coffee.

I and my team work long arduous hours Monday through Thursday. We do not prescribe to a normal 8 hour day. My day is typically starting by 5 or 6 am and ends around 10 or 11pm. My team works diligently providing fabulous services and meeting deadlines so that I meet my deadlines so my clients meet theirs. Much of what my team does for me is often not seen by others. They are busy researching and gathering statistics for my clients or for whatever program I am currently working on. They are busy writing media releases, preparing marketing materials, proofreading and taking care of the invoicing.

Just as many of us observe Sunday as a day of rest I and my team observe Friday as a day of rest. Adopting a casual Friday allows me and my team to recharge our batteries. When we have a fresh brain we are more creative. Also, since they know that I do not expect them to be available on Friday they know they can schedule personal appointments and plan their time off accordingly without fear that there will be work that needs to be completed.

Not much quality work gets completed when you or your employees are mentally exhausted. Using Friday to follow up with clients, finish up a few tasks or projects, and plan for the following week is a great way to unwind and prepare to enjoy the weekend. I am usually only at my desk a few hours on Friday morning taking care of loose ends. Making time to review my week and self-reflect on what went surprisingly well and what was a bit off provides me growth opportunities. I learn from the lessons of the week.

Designing a plan for the upcoming week has shown to increase productivity and increase income. Taking time to plan the tasks I will delegate, prepare for client sessions, and set aside time for writing also reduces the stress that would normally be felt if I had not planned to enjoy a successful week. I have learned when planning what I will delegate I must set up my emails to my team so they do not post until Monday morning because they are so very dedicated they will work on the tasks over the weekend regardless of the due dates.

Finish It Up Friday is a great way to self-reflect on your week, finish up projects or tasks that didn’t get completed, and prepare for the new upcoming week. Know your energy level and planning for self-care is key to success. I encourage you adopt a Finish It Up Friday and allow your employees extra time off. They will reward you with continued hard work, an increase in productivity and creativity as well as loyalty.

About Jaynine Howard

Coach Jaynine is the owner of Dream Catcher Business and Career Coaching. Jaynine uses the knowledge and skills she acquired during her 20 year career in the United States Marine Corps, working as a Psychologist in a locked mental health hospital, and being an entrepreneur to help medical and mental health professionals, small business owners, and medical spa owners grow their businesses by teaching them her five step process for attracting their ideal clients and turning them into paying clients. You can learn more about her signature program and download her free ecourse My Five Steps to Networking Success by visiting

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Who’s in Charge?

In today’s guest post Vanessa Ugatti, The True Worth Expert, shares some of her expertise and knowledge as she asks an important question about your coaching business:

Who’s in Charge?

By Vanessa Ugatti

"Who's in Charge?" by Vanessa Ugatti
Are you in charge of your business or is your business in charge of you? It’s an important question for you to answer as the impact of not being in charge may be catastrophic financially, physically and emotionally.

Typically, my clients are very good at what they do, highly conscientious, perfectionist, people pleasers, who more often than not put others first even to the detriment of themselves and their businesses. They also do not realise the full extent of what they’re doing, since their behaviour is based on their unconscious programmes, rather than rational conscious decision-making.

All humans have been programmed and are therefore hostage to a greater or lesser degree to their conditioning; some of which is beneficial and some is not. The negative or limiting conditioning creates fear-based thinking leading to behaviour which is detrimental and the person appears powerless to change this.

Of course, it’s important to provide a high level of service to your clients but certainly not at the expense of the business as this creates an imbalance which leads to many problems as alluded to in the first paragraph.

Perhaps you’re under-charging or maybe you’re discounting your fees for no apparent reason or possibly you’re doing too much work for free. You may even be doing all three, which means that you’re throwing money away hand over fist.

The more often you do these, the more money you’re losing. It also means that you’re probably spending far too much time working to make up for the shortfall and you’re possibly feeling overworked, stressed, tired and resentful.

In extreme cases, this can lead to health issues, strained relationships, lack of fun/family time/me time and ultimately overwhelm.

This certainly is the case with a new client who has also been working with clients who she doesn’t enjoy working with, even though she has a full diary!

It’s amazing how radical some behaviours can be. However, I’m pleased to report that significant changes are already occurring which are starting to bring her back into balance. When balance is returned, the war within is over.

I’d like to share a simple technique for being able to get out of your patterns and take back control by stepping out of the emotion.

1) Consciously recognise that you are experiencing some form of negative emotion.

2) Stand up (if you are sitting) and take an exaggerated step backwards so that you are literally stepping out of the emotion. Simultaneously say out loud, I am stepping out of this emotion. I am not this emotion. This emotion is not me. I am completely separate from it. Say it with emphasis. (By doing this, you are dissociating from the emotion and recognising that you are not it.) This will automatically change your state and bring you into clarity.

From this position, you can make rational decisions about what you want to do.

3) Then say out loud three times: “I choose to let this feeling go. It does not serve me. I now choose to be happy, confident or whatever other positive emotion you desire.” (In this way, you are consciously choosing a new way of thinking, feeling and acting which will serve you better.).

4) Acknowledge yourself for having consciously dealt with the emotion rather than staying in it and being its unconscious victim. Make sure that you include this step as it reinforces the new behaviour and will make you feel good.

5) As always, when wanting to create new habits and behaviours, the key is in repetition, so practise, practise, practise.

NB. If you’re in a business meeting, when you will not be able to do this, just do step 2 in your head. This means that you will be in a much better position to think rationally and therefore respond to the person in front of you in a more confident and professional manner.

The time is now for you to take back control of your business.

So if you recognise yourself in any of this, I urge you to subscribe to my website where you can gain access to a free report on How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It which has been described by one client as enlightening!

About Vanessa Ugatti

Vanessa Ugatti, The True Worth Expert and Author of International Amazon Best-seller, True Worth, How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It, dramatically shifts the thinking for people in professional services taking them from their own perceptions of not feeling they can really charge what they’re worth, to doing just that – and more!

This unique ability, to bring out the best in people, has evolved for her over many years of facing similar challenges both professionally and personally, even questioning her own value in business.

With the development of her proprietary UV + CV + CD = CW formula, she works with professional services organisations and sole traders, instilling greater confidence and inspiring them to take the necessary action, resulting in incredibly fast changes that directly impact revenues and the bottom line.

She has always felt naturally drawn to understanding what it takes and how to make people shift. Vanessa has consistently challenged herself to experience the effects of her approach and methods and understand how a client feels. This helped her conquer many of her own fears and concerns, from dropping solo to work in a French-speaking part of Africa, launching a successful business later in life or overcoming a fear of heights by jumping out of a plane from 10,000 feet up!

The core value that drives Vanessa is authenticity; being true to herself. She finds this is the key approach to helping her clients be empowered to find their true selves and in turn their true value. This has led her to combine her more unique and some might say unorthodox way of being and be effective in industries that many would view as more conservative. She is by no means conservative. It works; some have even described her as Wonder Woman, with purple glasses, but the effect and results are still dramatic.


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TED Talk Tuesday 7th June 2016

It’s volunteer week here in the UK so it seemed an appropriate time to repost this short TED talk
Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter

Clip length: 4 mins 40 secs

Prefer to watch via YouTube? In that case you’ll need to click here.

Work & Life Balance

Setting up or running your coaching business and juggling family and home commitments? In today’s guest post Lorna McCarty focuses upon an aspect that many find themselves examining at some point:

Work & Life Balance

– How to Juggle It Effectively

By Lorna McCarty

"Work & Life Balance - How to Juggle It Effectively" By Lorna McCarty

Every day we live with the possibility of facing something that has the potential of messing with the balance of our very existence.

We all juggle that precious balance with work, family and our health.

Ignoring any one of these areas for too long will affect the quality of our lives and those who are important to us.

But, as entrepreneurs or small business owners, sometimes our schedules get crazier than ever! We have a lot on our plates and even more tasks pile up during the course of our work week.

The trick in keeping work and life balanced is to try to keep things running smoothly by tackling each situation with care.

Be sure to keep in mind how important it is to enjoy what is good about your day and do your best to master all the facets of it and still come away with a day complete with fulfillment.

  • When things pile up remember this is only temporary.
  • Try to remain flexible as tasks start to bury you.
  • Remember you are only human and despite your determination there is only so much that can be done in 24 hours.
  • Sometimes, if you allow it, the fast pace of life can be enjoyable if you attempt to feel the fun.

Communicating the need for support is not a sin. Delegating to others can lighten the load you carry.

With this in mind, it is possible to find the time, however minimal for family and maintaining health.

You will have to learn to multi task and be willing to bring some of your activities to a temporary halt.

Avoid wasting time and energy and keep your hands full. It is a great way to keep boredom at a distance.

Stay away from being stuck in a situation that robs you of the benefits you could otherwise be enjoying. When you get stuck, take a break and explore something else you can devote your time to.

The act of balancing life is all about your willingness to be flexible.

Depending on the circumstance you are dealing with, you may need to go back and forth between your endeavors to complete the task at hand, taking steps that require patience for a positive outcome.

The most difficult piece of maintaining balance with work, family and health, is realizing the importance of watching out for ourselves as we begin to lose that delicate balance.

Be prepared when your life balance starts to tip.

  • Don’t take more tasks on than you can actually handle.
  • Be careful with your responsibilities and be dependable with family, friends and your clients.
  • Always be trustworthy and never go back on your word. Your reputation is extremely important in the business world.
  • Do it right the first time… Don’t take short cuts.

Attaining success with anything we do has everything to do with self- discipline. Keep this reminder in the forefront of your mind, especially as you make daily decisions that will affect the delicate balance we call life.

About Lorna McCarty

I am Lorna McCarty, Founder and Professional Relationship Success Strategist with Phoenix Rising Relationship Coaching.

Visit my website at and discover how to live your best, most happy life.


Article Source: Work & Life Balance – How to Juggle It Effectively

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Want New Clients?

In today’s guest post JeeJee Saafir asks if you:

Want New Clients?

Pick the “Low-Hanging Fruit” + Mini Script

By JeeJee Saafir

"Want New Clients? Pick the "Low-Hanging Fruit" + Mini Script" By GG Saafir

Building a coaching or mentoring business of any kind is usually time intensive, especially in the beginning when you’re just getting your sea legs.

It’s common for a new coach, mentor or teacher of the soul-o-preneur persuasion to focus on building a whole website, finding the perfect logo, getting business cards, trying to choose the best tagline, figuring out what they’ll name their website, setting up all their social media platforms, getting stuck in shiny object syndrome… blah, blah, blah…

It’s like having online diarrhea… It can be exhausting and overwhelming, not to mention the process of trying to figure out your niche.

Don’t get me wrong… attracting new clients does start by building a solid foundation for your business so you must be clear on who you work with, what you do, and how you’ll help them.

BUT you shouldn’t be held up from getting new clients by trying to pick a niche forever more.

If you’re still stuck on who you work with, I always say “Date a Niche.”

Take one group of people whom you think you could help with your expertise right now and date that niche for 30 to 60 days… get a feel for them.

Pick one problem they might be having and be the go to for them for that short amount of time.

Make a game of it if you like.

Dating can be fun.

And having fun is certainly the way to draw more of the right people to you.

You’ll gain more experience, practice working with more clients (and get paid for it) and you’ll be clearer about who you’d likely want to work with in the future.

I know, I know, you’re thinking… “but where do I find this dating pool of clients?”

Ah yes, let’s talk Low-Hanging Fruit, shall we…

Think of a huge, well-grown tree, abundantly filled with delicious fruit.

The Low Hanging Fruit are much heavier, and hang lower than the other fruit.

They’re ripe and ready for picking.

These are the people you should focus on first!

Not the higher fruit, they ain’t ready and they’re a struggle to reach.

Make sense?

Low hanging fruit are the people who know, like and trust us already.

They could be people you’ve had a discovery session with in the past who were a total fit but for whatever reason they didn’t get started.

They could be people who’ve showed up to your teleseminar or webinar or live workshop but never converted.

They could be the subscribers already on your email list.

They could be people who purchased your products before.

They could be past or current clients.

They could be people who belong to the same groups as you do. i.e., Facebook Groups, Meetups, Book Clubs, etc.

They could be people you meet at networking meetings.

Hell, you could even meet them in line getting a smoothie.

And there’s ALWAYS O.P.A.’s (Other People’s Audiences).

Point is, ideal clients are EVERYWHERE and they’re likely in your world already.

Too many people stay on the prowl for clients, like they’re something you’re going to beat over the head and take home and eat.

But there are people right in front of you that you can serve now.

So now that you know where to find your low-hanging fruit, what might you say to them to get the ball rolling?

If you want to ask for a date, how might you ask for it?

“Your legs must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day,” will not frickin’ work!

Here’s a quick mini-script you could use in an email or over the phone.

Take and Tweak!

Subject: Thought of you…

Hi [name] – How are you? Hope all is well!

I wanted to reach out to you personally because I’ve got something to share that I think you might be interested in.

I’m really excited about this.

I’ve created a brand new way to work with my clients so that they can… [insert results of your program].

The best part is, working like this creates movement forward very quickly!

When I designed this special program, I had you in mind.

Simply drop me a line if you’d like to hear more!

I’d love to share this with you.

All the best, [Your Name]

And press send!!

Now if you’re thinking oh crap, “I don’t have a program” here’s a quick post to help you create one.

Your call to action:

Grab that tree by the low hanging fruit and take action!

Pick a few of the low-hanging fruit from this article (a few only!) that look the juiciest and most yummy and reach out!

New clients await!

About JeeJee Saafir

JeeJee Saafir, M.A. specializes in helping brilliant, bad-ass transformational coaches and Soul-o-preneurs grow themselves and their businesses, come out of the closet and really be themselves, work with clients they love, make more money and create a lifestyle that allows them more freedom to play!

Her mission is to give them the marketing, coaching, and mindset tools they need to help breakthrough their fears & BS (that’s Belief Systems!) and get into inspired action for more impact, time freedom and increased income.

Need an income breakthrough?

You may also get her weekly articles, biz tips, free trainings and more at

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Article Source: Want New Clients? Pick the “Low-Hanging Fruit” + Mini Script

TED Talk Tuesday 17th May 2016

This week’s TED Talk clip is from an independent TEDx event:
Grounded questions. Rich stories. Deep change: Mark Strom at TEDxPlainpalais

Clip length: 16 mins 00 secs

Prefer to watch via YouTube? In that case you’ll need to click here.

Making A Difference

One of the motivators that attract many coaches to coaching is the desire of making a difference – in today’s guest post Jennie J Gorman discusses:

Making A Difference

By Jennie J Gorman

"Making A Difference" By Jennie J Gorman

‘Did I do enough today to make a difference to someone?’ This is what I ask myself at the end of every day.

It is such an important question. Not only to ask oneself, but knowing and hearing the answer is just as important, as we dig deep within for the answer and reflection of how our day progressed.

‘What counts in life is not the mere fact we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead’. Nelson Mandela

Making a difference for me is what my life is all about. I spend many hours a day on social media, knowing from the messages and feedback I get, that the posts that go out do make a difference, not only those people I know but also to many I have never met.

We all have the opportunity every day to change someone’s life by just being aware of the world around us. If you love what you do, you will be in the minority unfortunately. These are the people who want and intend to change the world in their own way. They are not the complainers or the people who just tolerate what they have to do to survive. These are the change-agents.

Do you see yourself as someone who is making a difference? Are you a change-agent?

We all have the opportunity to make a true and measurable impact in our own unique way. We have our gifts that give us the opportunity to use, as an influencer, in not only our own life but with others as well. It may be to change the life of one person or hundreds or thousands. It does not matter, as long as we are creating a change in whatever way we are able.

Often people who have struggled with some misfortune are given the chance to give back, and become privileged where they would never have imagined they would be. Often they come from disadvantages backgrounds, have a physical disability or have had their own life transformed as a result of an experience. The secret for them is that they recognised it and changed their own life, and then, the lives of others around them to a more positive attitude and outcome.

To make a difference, we need to recognise that we are blessed with something special to pass onto others. Everyone has something special if they the time and care to look and be aware. This comes to us all in different ways and it is getting out of our own limited thinking into a positive attitude that will distinguish us from others.

If you are a mover and shaker, who wants to change the world in your own unique way, it is because you recognise how blessed you are and dedicate yourself to giving your life a meaning and purpose. To do this, you need to be prepared to take risks, knowing in yourself that you have a message to pass onto others. Once you recognise your purpose you will become driven and focused to make the difference in whatever way you can perceive. You know that all you need to do is to move forward with commitment to do whatever your purpose.

Another thing, I notice with people who want to make a difference, is that they are on the road of self-improvement understanding that they are not perfect and only have to do the best they can for the outcome they are pursuing. They also know that every day is a new learning that will guide them forward in their endeavour to reach their goals. They are innovators who are open to learning and experiencing and not concerned about showing their loving compassionate heart. Their aim is to be the best they can be whilst they create the way forward for others.

Having been a relationship builder and teacher for many years, I understand the importance of how a positive attitude is in being an influencer, as we open to all those around us. Building good relationships is about being a giver (not a taker) in all things. We all have exceptional gifts that we can share with others, that will mutually benefit the world around us. By sharing our gifts, knowledge, strategies and talents we can freely give of ourselves to others our opinions and support authentically, without expectation of some return. We know that all authentic relationships are equal, supportive and positive, and that these create the foundation to what we wish to create and achieve.

Wanting to be a change-agent in this world, in whatever capacity we do it, takes time and effort. It is not something that happens overnight. It takes personal energy, and lots of trust in ourselves, to impact others, by striving to be and do the best we can in whatever area we are beckoned to make the difference. Self-belief is what pushes us forward to affect the change we are wishing to make in others, be it through thinking, behaviours, boundaries or beliefs. We know in ourselves that this will create something bigger and better in the long-run in their lives too.

Sharing what we know is important to all change-agents. We are happy to share our time, knowledge, work and ideas without any fear of loss. We know that what gifts we have been given to share are for anyone who wants them. They are not ours to keep for ourselves, they are given to us to share and teach in a true and positive way for the enhancement and growth of others. I believe, as all change-agents do, that the more we give, the more we receive in return. In fact, we receive ten-fold in unexpected and mysterious ways, which would not have been there had we not shared in the first place.

We are here to uplift others to be the best they can be. It is not about us. It is about the people we are given the opportunity to influence so they can become the best they can be. We are just the door opener for others, by inspiring and uplifting them to reach their full potential to make a difference to others as well. As we help and support others, we in turn are helped and supported to make the difference we set out to make in the beginning. We sow what we reap and this in turn gives others the opportunity to do the same.

So make a difference, be the leader by operating from your own heart-centre, by moving others forward with grace and ease, compassion and care. We are blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference.

I suggest that you ask yourself two questions.

question mark smallThe first one, are you personally impacting the world around you?

question mark smallThe second question, how significant is your life to this juncture?

For more information on how you can be supported email or

About Jennie J Gorman

My passion and mission has always been to help and support not only business professionals and SME’s to create business relationships to claim their place in the marketplace but to support those wishing to become more self aware too.

I support people through Business MasterMinding, using a process which I have been developing over the last seven plus years, giving participants their own individual ‘board of directors’ to keep them accountable and on track.

I am known to motivate and inspire people to perform at a level that they hadn’t yet recognised by either doing one-on-one sessions, on-going Coaching, Mentoring or MasterMind groups.

My book ‘Awesome Authenticity’ – mastering business relationships is available via my website or Amazon.



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